Roses of Britain is a campaign setting perched on the wild borderlands between historical fact and sweeping fantasy. The campaign world is similar to our own Earth in the year A.D. 1500, but it hews to the traditional Dungeons & Dragons fantasy framework. The names of the monarchs, the shape of the coastlines, and the nature of the conflicts that characterize this world will all be familiar. However, events on this wondrous, parallel Earth are subject not only to human values, ambitions, and greed, but also to arcane power, divine clashes, and hidden primal pulses. Your doorway into this world is the Kingdom of England, a small but ascendant island realm under the rule of the shrewd and severe King Henry Tudor. The dawn of the sixteenth century finds England positioned on the cusp of momentous events. Rebellion smolders throughout the kingdom, and strange treasures and visitors from the New World appear in her ports. Chroniclers speak of the end of the Age of Kings and the arrival of a Second Age of Heroes, an era that will allegedly rival the ancient world in its glories and terrors. Are you prepared to make history?

The Roses of Britain setting will appeal to players who appreciate the storytelling aspects of role-play gaming, and who enjoy directly contributing to the shape of the campaign. The campaign encourages players to put a high level of effort into their character’s background and motivations; to respectfully explore inter-character dynamics and conflicts throughout the campaign; and to ultimately tell an exciting and compelling story by means of their character’s words and deeds. The campaign emphasizes free-form role-playing when the characters are engaged in exploration, negotiation, or investigation. When hostilities erupt between the characters and their foes, the campaign utilizes the D&D tactical combat system to describe the action and resolve the conflict. In general, the expectation is that players will rely upon their own judgment, wits, and creativity, supplemented by their character’s fantastical abilities.

Roses of Britain uses the 4th Edition of the Dungeon & Dragons game rules. Character creation rules are presented here.

Roses of Britain

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